BNG Company History

We treat our affiliates, partners and sales agents better than any of our competitors!

“We dropped out of college, bootstrapped our business, and are building something special that’s based on recurring revenue.” – Brady Nash

BNG Payments was created for a simple reason; all three owners wanted to buck the system.

In the beginning, Vice President Tyler Buechler, CEO Brady Nash, and President Ryan Goodman broke the traditional path, and all dropped out of North Dakota State University to pursue their dreams of being entrepreneurs and starting their own company.

“We were desperately seeking to build a recurring revenue model and that’s where payment processing came in. The three of us found a new way to help people, and consistently receive payments for a service.”

After earning their stripes as salesman in the payment processing industry, they officially formed BNG Payments January 1st, 2007, using their last names as the acronym for BNG (Buechler, Nash, Goodman).

Their time as Independent Sales Reps for large payment processing companies gave them an appreciation for smaller businesses.

“We could see restaurants and retail shops of all types, throughout North Dakota and Minnesota, who wanted something better,” said Nash, “So that’s what we focused on becoming.”

As time continued, the founders realized that the payment processing industry is awful, and lots of businesses do absolutely nothing to help the small businesses they were serving.

Never satisfied with the status quo, BNG’s owners decided it was time to branch into more than just payment processing, and began servicing businesses with point of sale solutions, software integrations, and E-Commerce sites.

What BNG Payments does today

As our client’s needs have grown, so has our business. Instead of offering basic credit card processing services, we have evolved to handle E-Commerce, integrations into multiple CRM softwares, Accounting Software integrations, and much more.

Our goal is to be a provider of premium business solutions, positively impacting
the way our clients do business.

No two businesses are identical, and we are not going to put you in a box and limit your growth potential.