BNG is a company built on Trust and Service.

Below are some client testimonials that highlight some of our large and small merchants utilizing different services. All of the merchants below use us for credit card processing. Some also use us for point of sale software, hardware and support. Some use almost all of our services from gift and loyalty card programs, to custom software integration.

I have been with BNG since my companies inception, and will be till the end. One could never find a more ethical, responsive and caring team to work with.

Trinity Schaff, President of

BNG has been great to us. They make it easy to collect funds from our clients though Tigerpaw and their support is outstanding. I wish all vendors would take a page from the BNG playbook

Edward Mana, President of Technology on Demand –

I love BNG because you care. You care that I get paid and you care the I understand I deserve to be paid. Clients often do a great job of wearing us down at times and making us feel terrible for collecting our hard earned money but you care enough to intentionally reinforce the fact that we earned it. You are also committed to excellence. In the two-plus years I’ve been doing business with you, I’ve had zero issues with the product and any questions I’ve had have been answer promptly. You simply care.

Angel Rojas, President and CEO of