Fall is in the air, which means Halloween is just around the corner!

While there are some who do not celebrate Halloween, a large percentage of population celebrates does, including some workplaces.

This can often times lead to issues at work, since choosing your Halloween costume can become quite the nightmare.

Finding something work appropriate can be challenging (especially for women)

But how do you know what’s appropriate?

Well, this will take some awareness of what you’re own offices culture is. Larger companies may have guidelines around what’s okay to wear and what’s not okay, while smaller businesses may be less lenient. Just be sure to know your company culture.

And if you’re concerned, it’s probably safer error on the side of caution, and talk with your supervisor before hand.

Most importantly, it’s always a safe bet to not to dress in a Halloween costume that’s controversial.

In light of all this, here’s a list of 5 types of inappropriate costumes to avoid, in your office, this Halloween.

Avoid costumes that have racial or ethnic stereotypes

A few years back, singer and entertainer Chris Brown dressed as a terrorist. Not cool.

Costumes that have an ethnic or racial stereotype in them are never okay. Basically if Chris Brown would wear it, you shouldn’t.

Avoid costumes that are political in nature

Half the time, Halloween costumes are mean spirited in nature, rather than clever.

Avoid Halloween costumes that poke fun at Republicans, Democrats, the president or your favorite political intern.

I know, you may really want to go as Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. Chanced are you’re more likely to start a firestorm at work rather then make people laugh.

Avoid costumes that are just bad taste

Ladies, let’s be real for a moment.

Good Halloween costumes for women are difficult to buy. Everything in the store is a sexy version of it, and if you want to wear it, do it! Just not to work.

The same goes for guys, don’t wear any costume that resembles certain body parts.

Just think through it, before you buy or put on a costume that may get you sent home for bad taste.

Avoid costumes that are focused on war crimes, hate crimes, or generally about human atrocity

Another subset of costumes to avoid are ones that have to do with human atrocities.

Think of anything that has to do with past wars, death or pretty much anything political. Also see point #1.

If your costume could offend anyone, that may have gone through a stressful event centered around a political occurrence, that has a negative connotation to it, then beware.

Use your head

Work is not the place to offend people, whether you’re the boss, or just a entry level employee, don’t make your co-workers uncomfortable.

Also, you need to be sure you communicate the expectation of what’s okay to wear for Halloween and what’s not.

If you don’t communicate this expectation, someone could take advantage of your company’s leniency.

Stay safe and be smart with your costume this year!