The Benefit of Real-Time Data and How It Affects Your Business

May 21, 2017

Running a cafe or restaurant is all about reacting to situations.

A lack of awareness when your labor is 30% over what's been sold can leave you losing precious profits and hurt your bottom line.

Your ability to react quickly to real-time data will help you prevent losses, so how can you make real-time decisions?

Restaurant Manager has rolled out some new features

A handy little app created by Restaurant Manager called RM Monitor gives you 5-minute real time updates. It gives you access to keep in touch with your business by tapping into your point-of-sale systems reports on the go.

Even further, the app goes into detail showing you how much you’re making at all of your locations. The tracking built into RM Monitor allows you to see labor costs, and the profit you’re turning over for that hour.

Some of the other key features include:

  • Employees nearing overtime for the day or the week
  • Large deletions or voids
  • High spending tables
  • Deletions or voids listed by employee


What can the data do for your business?

Well, you can lower your costs by tracking when employees are nearing overtime, and you can look for theft via free comps.

You can even set the alerts to go to multiple people or individuals. These notifications can be adjusted to come through several different ways, including:

  • Bulletin board
  • Employees (of a Security Level)
  • Email
  • Printer
  • SMS Messaging
  • POS station

No matter your size, Restaurant Manager integrates their real-time data with both their traditional POS system and Duet, their iPad system. Your business has the best chance of success when you can use your data to your advantage.

Not sure if your POS is up to snuff?

Contact us here, and our team can help you see if you’re using the best tools for your business.