BNG’s Payment Gateway has multiple ways for you to take payments, which are all searchable and reported in one place. Whether it is transactions that are keyed or swiped, online bill pay, eCommerce shopping cart, or even mobile payments; the BNG Gateway is your all-in-one payments tool for your business.

Multiple Payment Methods without the Hassle

One of the common problems with taking multiple payment methods is having to keep multiple reporting systems straight. The BNG Gateway eliminates this headache by making those multiple payment methods reportable and searchable in one place. By offering several ways to narrow down your search, from transaction type, to date, to payment method, the BNG Gateway easily finds what you are looking for.

Your Life has Just Become Less Complicated

  • The BNG Gateway eliminates the hassle of issuing refunds, allowing both full and partial refunds to be made on transactions run on any payment method the Gateway offers.
  • By automatically settling or batching all of your day’s transactions (at a time you decide), the BNG Gateway ensures you will get paid without having to do a thing.
  • All sensitive payment information is sent to the processing bank using an end-to-end Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection, bypassing your server and network, keeping you PCI compliant.
  • Transactions appear in real time, allowing you to see what’s happening with your business when it happens.
  • The BNG Gateway can be logged into from anywhere you have access to the web, keeping you in the loop no matter where you are.
  • Every person can have their own username, which is tracked on each transaction. Allowing you to know who ran each transaction.

One Tool, Faster Payments, Significant ROICredit Card Processing Fargo ND

By providing so many payment accepting options, the BNG Gateway allows your business to offer multiple convenient ways for your customers to pay you. When it’s easier for your customers to pay, you get paid faster; thus increasing the cash flow of your business. Your business relies on having consistent cash flow to operate. Anything you can do to increase that cash flow will produce a significant return on your investment (ROI).

Tools of the Trade

  • BNG Swipe Software – this feature allows you to take swiped transactions using a card reader attached to your desktop or laptop through a USB connection.
  • eCommerce Options – from full eCommerce shopping cart integrations to simple buy now buttons, we have something for every size merchant who needs to accept online payments.
  • Customer Vault – this feature securely stores your customer’s payment data outside of your network, allowing your business to keep a “card on file” for your repeat clients without accessing sensitive card information.
  • Recurring Billing – this feature uses the sensitive card information stored in the Customer Vault to bill your customers at regular amounts and intervals.
  • Electronic Invoicing – we have a detailed electronic invoicing built into the gateway, allowing your customers to follow a link to pay their invoice directly in the gateway.
  • Online Bill Pay – your customers can enter in their invoice and payment information to pay you securely from your website, without any payment data ever touching your network.
  • Mobile Payments – no matter where you are, you can take payments with the iProcess mobile application and a smart phone.
  • QuickBooks Integration – eliminating your double data entry, this feature allows you to pay invoices, generate receipts, and more without ever leaving QuickBooks.
  • API Integration – giving developers the flexibility and features they need to design sophisticated applications.
  • ACH & E-Check Solutions – the BNG Gateway also allows you to take ACH (E-Check) payments in addition to credit cards.

One Tool, Multiple Benefits

The BNG Gateway is the all-in-one tool you need for taking payments. With several methods for taking payments available, all in one place, the BNG Gateway makes taking payments easier and faster. Getting paid faster will increase your cash flow, helping you to grow your business.

We would love to take you through a demo of the BNG Gateway. To schedule a time to learn more about the BNG Gateway, shoot us an email at [email protected] or call us toll free at 888-777-5659. Let us show you how we can put the BNG Gateway to work for you!