The BNG Payment Gateway is an online processing gateway built from day one to be a better gateway, one that is simpler for any merchant to use, has better features, and is much easier to support for the developer. It has features and functionality that are years ahead of competing gateways. But most importantly what sets it apart from and PayPal is the expert one on one integration and customer support that only BNG offers. If you are a web or software developer who has worked with or PayPal you will know that it is nearly impossible to get answers to a problem if you are not the merchant, if you can get a hold of a human operator at all. Most of the time you probably don’t waste your time with trying to contact PayPal or directly and look for solutions by searching for answers in user forums and 3rd party websites.

Have you ever wondered why and PayPal are used more that any other online payment processing solution? The answer is very simple, it is not because they have a better product or service, or that they are any easier to use, or that they are any less expensive, it is that they were the first solutions to market.

Does PayPal or pay you?

BNG does, we don’t just pay you on the revenue generated on the payment gateway, we also pay you on the much larger revenue generated on the credit card and e-check processing volume. Think about this, say you build an e-commerce website for a client and they sell 200 items for $20,000 a month on their new site. If you set it up with PayPal the merchant will definitely be paying a premium in processing fees and you will get exactly $0 in revenue from that volume. If you set it up with and you happen to be a reseller for them you will get the markup above your gateway buy rates so maybe $5/month and $0.01/transaction so that is $7 for you. If you were to integrate the BNG Gateway instead you would have spent less time integrating the gateway since you would have personal support and you would make that same $7 in gateway revenue as, but you would also share in the revenue generated by the processing volume to the tune of another $70-$75/month. Not to mention the rates and fees we would give your client for credit card and e-check would be lower than both PayPal and, effectively saving them money as well. So now your client is paying less in fees, you are spending less time integrating and trouble shooting, and you are making more money. It is a Win Win Win.

Web/Software Developer Benefits

Merchant Benefits

Written By: Ryan Theis