EBT stands for “Electronic Benefit Transfer”, and is just another form of payment, so why wouldn’t you accept it?

EBT is basically the new replacement for Food Stamps, which work as a prepaid card for individuals to buy necessities.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of if you should or shouldn’t take EBT payments, but if your business even qualifies.

EBT payments come with some requirements your business needs to meet before you can start accepting this form of payment. But it’s worth seeing if your business qualifies since it draws in additional revenue.

So what kind of requirements does your company need to meet to accept EBT benefits?

You’ll need to sell EBT qualifying products

Unlike credit card companies who do not set restrictions on what a business must sell to accept payments, EBT and similar state-run programs have strict credentials.

Stores that sell grocery items may qualify, like supermarkets, specialty food markets, convenience stores.

As a grocery store, you’ll want to carry the relevant items, such as:

  • Meat, poultry or fish
  • Bread or cereal
  • Vegetables or fruits
  • Dairy products

Chances are, you are already carrying these items and may qualify, but carrying some items is not the only requirement.

SNAP, another prepaid food program, offers an accurate list of how merchants operate to accept EBT payments.

“(A) Offer for sale, on a continuous basis, at least three varieties of qualifying foods in each of the following four staple food groups, with perishable foods in at least two of the categories:


(B) More than one-half (50%) of the total dollar amount of all retail sales (food, non-food, gas, and services) sold in the store must be from the sale of available staple foods” (USDA Food and Nutrition Service).

Should you apply?

Accepting EBT payments can be a way to accept more payment options and draw in additional customers.

If you offer EBT payments, you’ll be able to draw in additional customers who otherwise couldn’t shop at your store. Their purchases would have gone to a competitor that offers EBT.

Look at the EBT information site here, to see if your business qualifies as an EBT merchant, and widen the revenue stream for your business.

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