Have you ever looked at a processing statement and thought about what it represents?

Sometimes you only see a service bill as a negative; it’s just another item taking away your hard earned cash. But what does a service bill represent? It’s not only an amount you owe but a reflection of work you received.

Payment processing services are like that. It feels like just another bill you have to pay, and yes, some processors are like that. Charge an amount, and do nothing to improve your business in how you receive payments.

But payment processing can go beyond buying a terminal and paying a monthly statement. Credit card processing can expand into protection and improve your daily company operations if you work with the right solutions.

Streamline your tools

One of the best things about working with a great payment processor is you have better integration options; such as syncing data with your accounting software and saving you time on bookkeeping and reducing the chance of error.

When you work with a payment processor who doesn’t integrate with your specific accounting software it can lead to a lot of repetitive data entry. Small hassles like this can affect the overall performance of your business operations.

If you are only looking at payment processing as a terminal on your counter, you’re not taking advantage of all the technology available to your business.

For example, there are many payment solutions, such as encrypted payment gateways that integrate with accounting packages like QuickBooks. Working with a payment gateway removes a lot of the double data entry between your accounting software and payment gateway and simplifies invoicing.

This may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of running your company, but there are processing choices out there that offer these integrations; so why not use them?

Have you ever thought to ask some of your peers that have switched to a more integrated solution if they would ever go back? Here are some examples of what you might hear.

Online billing options

With the right payment solution, you can do more than streamline your bookkeeping. You can transform your invoicing and create more natural ways for customers to pay their bills.

Businesses such as a Doctor’s office or Legal services can benefit from using a secure payment portal. Which are low cost and protect your business from data breaches.

Having a smart payment portal allows you to safely store a customer’s card on file for them, without holding any of the sensitive data in your hands.

If you’re running an E-Commerce store, you can have extensive tools to make your website better for taking payments securely and adding secure shopping cart solutions to serve your site better.

Even small businesses need more robust solutions than just credit card terminals. From online bill pay to E-Commerce shopping integrations, each business is different, but there are options your business can implement to make daily tasks run smoothly.

Don’t settle. Look into all the payment solutions out there, and find the best option for your business.

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