Phone Swipe Free iPad Point Of Sale

Could you use a Free iPad POS system to help grow your small business? Are you opening a new business and anticipate that you will process around $10k or more a month in credit cards or are you currently processing credit cards and process over $10k in credit cards per month? If you answered yes to both questions, have we got the program for you!

Free iPad, Card Reader and POS Stand

We are giving out a new Apple iPad, our encrypted Phone Swipe card reader and a cool point of sale iPad stand for free to qualified, small businesses. Our Phone Swipe POS app is also free! Your only cost is our, very low, credit card processing fees and an additional low monthly cost if you would like to add a wireless iPad POS printer and/or cash drawer.

Encrypted POS Technology

Encrypted POS SoftwareOur Phone Swipe POS app was designed from the start to be as secure as possible. Sensitive card data is encrypted from the point it is swiped, before it even enters the iPad, and all transaction data is tokenized to ensure that you never have card data on your network or devices; which virtually eliminates you from PCI data security scope.


Real-Time Sales Reporting

iPad Post ReportingOur Phone Swipe POS App is loaded with helpful reporting features designed to help your small business with the data you need to make the right decisions when you need it most. View real-time reports from data taken seconds ago to last month, view your top selling inventory items or use the search tool to pin point an individual transaction.


iPad POS App With Discounts, Tips, and Tax Features

With our free iPad POS software you will be able to set up defaults for tips and tax percentages or let customers select their own tip amount. Also, for mobile businesses, there is a Geo Tax feature that automatically calculates tax based on your current GPS location. You can easily discount a sale by either a flat dollar amount or by percentage.

Print or Email Receipts On Our iPad POS

ipad-pos-cash-drawer-printer-phone-swipeYou will be able to quickly email your customers receipts with our standard free iPad POS solution. If you need to print receipts you can opt for our wireless receipt printer and/or cash drawer. The best part is you have the option to do both easily and quickly. You can add a cash drawer and wireless receipt printer for only $19.95 per month, or just a receipt printer for only $14.95 per month.

Inventory Features

Setting up your inventory is very fast and easy, and for most small businesses it will only take a few minutes. You can add pictures of your inventory items from the iPad’s photo library or by taking a picture with the iPad’s camera.

Multiple Mobile Devices On One Account

Multiple POS Devices on one merchant accountUnlike many other iPad POS apps our Phone Swipe App allows an unlimited number of devices to run on one account. For example you could have the free iPad POS set-up in your store, have your employees BlackBerry phone set up for when he makes deliveries and your Android Smartphone set up for weekend trade shows all running on the same account costing you nothing extra. For a complete list of Phone Swipe supported devices read our Square vs Phone Swipe blog article.


Overview Of Our Free iPad POS

Okay, so if you are a small business that is currently processing credit cards to the tune of more that $10k per month and you have basic needs for a point of sale software, this is a great option and definitely the least expensive available anywhere. If you are a small business that has not accepted credit cards before you should give our basic Phone Swipe program a try with no monthly fees and no commitment to sales volume. If you are on a tight budget and have more specific needs in a POS Software, that might be more advanced than what phone swipe has to offer, take a look at our Revel iPad POS solution. If you are a medium to large business take a look at our BNG Technologies, LLC. website or give us a call because we are true experts on high-end customized POS solutions as well as these entry level solutions.

If you do not qualify for the Free iPad POS give our standard Phone Swipe program a try!

Our standard Phone Swipe program is open to any business of any size. It is a flat 2.69% with no monthly fees or commitments. Click on the link below or read our Square vs Phone Swipe blog article to find out more.Written By: Ryan Theis