At BNG Holdings, our goal is to find the processing option that fits you and your business, not the other way around. We know that not all hair salons are created equal, what works for you may not work for the hair salon/stylist across town. Hair salons need a few unique features when processing credit cards, which most retail establishments do not use. That’s why BNG provides several options and features for taking payments. With most of our processing solutions, BNG Holdings is able to provide you with free equipment to use, eliminating the hardware cost of the set up process. No application fees, annual fees, long-term contacts, or cancellation fees. This makes BNG Holdings a clear choice for your payments processing. The following payment options are the ones we feel work the best in hair salon environments.

Available Features

Tip Adjust

The ability to accept tips is imperative for all stylists. BNG Holdings offers a couple of options for processing tips on credit card transactions, Tip During Sale and Tip Adjust. Tip During Sale allows you to enter in the tip amount at the time of the initial swipe. This method is less common, because it requires you to know the tip amount prior to running the transaction. Some stylists do not feel comfortable asking the customer for the tip amount at the time of swipe.

The more common method is Tip Adjust. This method allows you to swipe your client’s card and print a receipt with a tip line on it for your client to write in the amount of desired tip. After your client completes the receipt, you would then go back into the terminal to adjust the amount to reflect the tip. Most stylists prefer this method, since they do not ask the client for a tip directly and it is less confrontational.

Multi-Merchant Accounts

A Multi-Merchant Account allows several stylists to share one terminal. This is an outstanding option for salons that have independent stylists who rent space. BNG Holdings will provide a free countertop credit card terminal for multiple independent stylists to share. When you are ready to run the transaction, the stylist chooses their account on the terminal, and swipe the card. It’s that easy.

Each stylist has their own merchant account, and all the benefits associated with it. The account is linked to their bank account; funds are deposited directly into their bank accounts 24-48 hours after the terminal is batched out at the end of the night. Local customer service is provided by BNG Holdings, as well as live phone support 24/7.

Mobile Processing

BNG Holdings offers mobile credit card processing options for stylists who need the convenience of being mobile. Whether you are at a trade show, or you do not have access to a phone/internet line at your salon location, BNG has mobile processing solutions to fit your needs. From smart phone applications to wireless terminals, BNG has you covered.

Processing Options

Phone Swipe

Phone Swipe

For stylists just starting out, Phone Swipe is an excellent option. Weather you have 2 clients or 20, the ability to accept credit cards shows you are a professional and serious about your business. With a smart phone and the free encrypted Phone Swipe card reader, you will be able to offer the added convenience of paying by credit card.

Phone Swipe is very popular for stylists who are working to grow their client base. It is important to make payment convenient for your clients, a lot of whom do not carry cash. The tip adjust feature is available on Phone Swipe, as well as the ability to email your client their receipt. Phone Swipe provides the convenience of credit card processing, without some of the fees usually associated with Merchant Accounts.

Phone Swipe delivers the benefits of having your own Merchant Account, without monthly fees or minimums, for a low 2.69% per swipe. Your funds are deposited directly into your bank account within 24-48 hours after the daily end of business batch. Phone Swipe provides a free encrypted card reader that works with over 40 mobile devices, offers 24/7 live support, as well as no contracts or cancellation fees. BNG Holdings also provides in person, local support, for all of our merchants.

In our recent post comparing Phone Swipe and Square, we explained the superiority of the Phone Swipe product.


Wireless Credit Card Terminals

Nurit8000_lgFor stylists renting space and do not have access to an internet or phone line, wireless processing is the way to go. Perhaps you travel to retirement homes or trade shows, you will need to be able to take payments everywhere you are doing business. BNG is able to provide you with a free Wireless Credit Card Terminal, allowing you to process payments nearly anywhere.

Stylists who use BNG’s wireless processing solution will each have their own merchant account, linked to their own bank account. Deposits go directly to your bank account within 24-48 hours after the terminal has been batched out.

Wireless terminals provide the convenience of mobile processing with the benefits of a countertop terminal. These terminals work by using a cell phone signal, if your cellphone works so will your terminal. Transaction speed is right around 2-3 seconds, keeping the payments process short and sweet. With the wireless terminal, you are able to print out a paper receipt for your client, giving you added credibility and professionalism. These terminals support the tip adjust feature.

As always, BNG Holdings provides all the support you may need with local, in person support, and 24/7 live support.



Salon Credit Card Machine

Countertop Credit Card Terminals

Countertop terminals come in all shapes and sizes, and are the kind of terminals you typically see in most stores. These terminals need to be hooked up to either a phone line or an internet connection. When hooked up to an internet connection these terminals will be significantly faster processing transactions than when hooked up to a phone line, or dialup connection. Terminals running on a dialup connection have to connect to the internet each time a transaction is run. Remember how slow dial up internet use to be? Well, it still is!

Countertop terminals supports both the tip adjust function and the multi-merchant function, making them an excellent terminal option for busy salons. BNG Holdings provides the countertop terminal for the primary merchant account for free. Depending on which terminal is best for your salon’s needs, 10+ stylists can share the terminal. This clears up valuable countertop space. Can you imagine 10 terminals on your counter?


BNG Swipe Software

BNG Swipe SoftwareNow this option is cool. Swipe Software runs on your computer and is tied to a Payment Processing Gateway. This allows you to take payments on your computer! BNG has several options for card readers which attach to your computer through the USB drive. The BNG Gateway has phenomenal reporting capabilities, and can even tie in with QuickBooks. If you are the owner of busy salon, you need to check out this option!

BNG has the salon payment solution for you!

BNG has been providing leading payment solutions for salon owners and stylists for many years and currently works with hundreds of independent stylists and salons throughout the country. Since our company philosophy has always centered around giving the best service, the best solution for the best price we look forward to creating a long term relationship with you and your salon. Take a look at some of our video testimonials from some of our long term customers. Then feel free to contact us.

Written By: Ryan Theis & Katie Gjerde