The future is bright for online stores! Technology keeps evolving rapidly, making it easier than ever to open your own business and sell products online as an E-Commerce store. Using a payment gateway to service your online store is essential, but choosing a provider is sometimes tricky.

A payment gateway is a system that transmits secure credit, debit and ACH information across the Internet from the merchant to their credit card processing company. Online payment gateways can be used in many different ways.

Often times payment gateways seem like they are only designed to offer you the bare minimum service of running transactions online for you. However, there are more advanced features you should look for when shopping for a payment gateway provider.

Good service.

When your E-Commerce site is struggling to take payments, your business is helpless. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, you can’t accept cash or a paper check. You want a service provider who will call you back and get your gateway up and running.

Accounting software integration.

Do you use QuickBooks accounting software for your business? Some payment gateway providers don’t integrate with QuickBooks, or other accounting softwares, meaning you’ll have to do manual data entry. Look for a payment gateway that will integrate with your accounting software, saving you the extra time spent on manual data entry.

Electronic invoicing.

Electronic invoicing enables merchants to invoice customers via email, and allows customers to make a payment by following an embedded link to their payment gateway provider.

Not all providers do this. So be sure to ask about electronic invoicing when selecting a payment gateway provider.

Looking for a solution?

Are you looking for a payment gateway provider that does all the points listed above? We were too when we first started, so we developed our own.

The BNG Payment Gateway is an online payments processing gateway custom built for BNG Holdings, Inc. It has features and functionality that are years ahead of competing gateways.

The BNG Payment Gateway can be used in almost any type of business. It integrates into third party software applications and E-Commerce shopping carts. By utilizing BNG Swipe Software, merchants can accept credit cards in person as well as online.

One key advantage of the BNG Payment Gateway, is that it allows merchants to use one tool(need better word?) to process multiple payment methods.

All of the transaction information for these different payment methods are all searchable and reportable in one place, in real time, which makes reconciling transactions easy and convenient.

Want to take payments smarter?

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