Fundraising is the lifeblood of all non-profits, and contributions are necessary to continue your work. So how can you broaden your horizon and work to gain more donations?

Facebook could be your answer.

In comparison with the other social media sites, Facebook has been ranked as number one when it comes to effective outreach tool for gaining donations.

So what steps should you take to get donations through Facebook?

Set up on Facebook.

First off, Facebook doesn’t let you set up a donation app on a personal Facebook page, so make sure you create a business page for your organization.

Secondly, Facebook will not let you add a donate button on your business page unless it’s set up as a non-profit. You won’t be able to add the Donate App or even see it as an option unless your page is a non-profit.

You can easily see the “Use App” button located on the top right of your non-profit’s Facebook page, so you can select that, and then choose the Donate App.

Now that feature will appear on your non-profit page.

You’ll have to enter the required criteria and search for your organization to make sure your page is correctly set up for donations.

Once you enter the correct information, you’ll need to enter the URL for the page on your website you want to direct traffic too.

***Make sure you test the link and know it’s working properly.

What happens next?

Once your Facebook page and donations button has been created, make sure your website is equipped to take online payments through a payment gateway. The last thing you want to do is discourage people happy to donate to your cause and make them jump through hoops.

Having a payment gateway that integrates with your website can increase the number of donations you receive.

Need help taking donations on your website?

We can help you take payments through your site, giving your organization a wider reach. We can work directly with multiple payment methods to assure your business has the best tools possible to receive donations for your cause.