Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to run your point of sale system through a separate credit card processing company.

The likelihood of errors and payment malfunctions increase, as does the time it takes to manage two different payment processing companies.

Nothing ruins a visit to a restaurant or retail store like difficulty accepting credit card payments.

So is there a solution to this problem of running your point of sale machine and your payment processing through the same company?

The trick is finding a good provider

When you’re trying to find a credit card processing company to support your point of sale system it can be difficult determining fair rates.

As tempting as it is to focus your attention on only one price point, there is two other important factors restaurant and retail store owners tend to overlook when selecting a credit card processing provider for their point of sale system.

Instead of looking solely at percentages, try looking at these two other vital price points.

  • Ignoring per-transaction fees
  • Ignoring gateway fees

Not all payment processing companies know how to service a restaurant’s specific processing needs. Your restaurant needs to be able to adjust for tips, allow the input of server numbers, and be able to input all this into your point of sale terminal quickly.

Retail has its own issues. A retail merchant account is an account set up under the assumption that a merchant is going to physically swipe at least 70% of their total credit card transactions through a credit card terminal.

It can be tricky when going through a payment processing company to get a high-quality point of sale system. Many big providers offer cheap POS hardware that doesn’t offer all the fantastic benefits a well-designed point of sale system can provide.

You need an expert that has industry knowledge of how restaurants and bars take payments. We work extensively with restaurants to give you the best payments solutions.

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