Here’s a simple cash register software solution for all restaurant and bar owners who want to boost their bottom lines by:

  1. Cutting down on cash register mishaps
  2. Shrinking training time without sacrificing on customer service
  3. More accurately track inventory and every other restaurant-related figure in real-time
  4. Speeding up the ordering process while increasing its accuracy
  5. Chopping down on cash register errors
  6. Automatically collecting proof of the rouge employees you suspect of stealing cash

The Restaurant Manager point of sale system is a turn-key software restaurant cash register solution that in seconds solves half-a-dozen issues every restaurateur and bar owner struggles with. It is the result of two decades of work and iterations, based on feedback from across the globe of restaurant owners, managers, bartenders, waiters, and waitresses.

BNG Holdings, Inc’s sister company BNG Technologies LLC., sells this solution you can find more about by clicking on Restaurant Manager POS, we can confidently say it brings in more revenue through saving time and cutting down on human mistakes.

Here’s Why The Restaurant Cash Register System Works So Well:

The automation streamlines the hand-offs of information and guards against the little slip ups that costs dining establishments money.

Here are other key benefits Restaurant Manager POS cash register system serves up:

  • Prices on specials automatically adjust the second the special expires, so staff does not have to be watching the clock to make sure the person is charged correctly.
  • If you unfortunately end up with a bartender who makes it a habit to skim a little off the top, BNG’s video recording system will record his or her actions and overlay the buttons pressed when entering an order. A client of BNG Technologies estimated it saved his company $36,000/year which paid for his Restaurant Manager POS system instantly.
  • Tabs can be started with merely an on-screen tap of BarTabs, so no drinks go unaccounted for. The credit card can be preauthorized, so your staff is not greeted with an unpleasant surprise at the end of the evening. Cover charges and drink minimums can be tacked on as well through the cash register system.
  • You can receive alerts every time your very important customers pass key spending thresholds.
  • A menu of alerts is available via text message or e-mail, so you know exactly when someone is working overtime.
  • As the staff waits on customers, alerts and reminders can pop up for them as well, such as the current specials.
  • Apple iPods with Write-on handheld POS software allow the server to send orders electronically while at the table. She or he can continue speaking with customers while the chef or bartender receives the printed order and gets to work filling it.
  • It makes patrons feel safer. With the handheld devices that include swiping, no longer does the credit or debit card have to leave the table, giving your customers a bit more peace of mind.
  • It is simpler than other kinds of point of sale solutions, according to people who have used multiple systems – so new employees can easily train on the system
  • Inventory data is available instantaneously whenever the owner desires it, from any device anywhere; eliminating costly over-purchasing, guess work, and time spent counting stock.

Restaurant Cash Register Software Tailored For You

Perhaps most importantly, these features can be tailored to your business, and this is especially where BNG Technologies shines. Our company is not focused on selling you everything that could come with this restaurant cash register system, but only the pieces that make sense to you, after sitting down with you and unearthing precisely which of these features would prove most beneficial to your business. So be sure to call BNG Technologies at 1(888) 444-8471 or use the contact form, in order to begin discussing precisely how a service like this can save you time and money, and most likely a lot of both. Written By: Ryan Theis