2016 has been a huge year for hiring employees at BNG.

Within the last month, we brought on five new team members.

Brady, our CEO, has been enthusiastic about the whole process, saying “It’s very exciting time here at BNG Team. Our four divisions are all growing, and having the right team members to serve our customers is critical to our continued expansion.”

While growing your company is exciting, hiring staff can always feel daunting.

People dislike going through interviews as much as companies do, and both parties are meeting and searching for the right “fit.”

Since a company’s greatest success starts with finding the right people, we’re going to talk about the best traits to look for finding the right team members.

There’s bound to be some trial and error.

Hiring employees will always a bit of chance, and depends a lot on your ability to read an individual.

Chances are you’ve already looked at their resume and skill set before you called them, and you are assuming they have some of the basic skills to perform the job you want them too.

Rebecca Simons, our VP of Global Sales chimed in on what she’s learned about hiring team members. “What I’ve learned by watching my mentors, like Arnie Bellini at ConnectWise, is it’s all about hiring the right team members.”

But we often see people focusing on lesser important aspects of a person when looking for a qualified candidate.

When you sit down and meet with an applicant, you need to look at their character, not just their skills.

You want a candidate who has knowledge about the industry you’re hiring them for, but a lot of the finer details as well. And often times, candidates with little work experience are often viewed negatively, but in reality this fact can be a positive.

Sometimes, people come from previous companies and are fairly set in their ways, making them difficult to work with. Hiring a person with a fresh and open personality can be made up for what training they may be lacking.

The single best advice.

“Everyone sells something.” – Mark Cuban.

Hire people who embody sales. Don’t misunderstand this. We’re not advocating for your business to hire a team of 100% sales people. But hiring someone who embodies a sales mentality means bringing on people who exude the essence of sales.

A truly good salesperson wants to help people, not aggressively push something down their throat like a slimy, used car guy.

A person who’s good at selling things doesn’t mean they’re a charismatic speaker, always winning people over with their award-winning smile.

Being good at sales means you’re an effective communicator, you can handle objections without falling apart emotionally, and you embody a persevering mindset, rather than one that quits.

Again, everyone sells something. Here are some examples:

  • A product director, who leads a software development team, sells ideas and budgets to company owners.
  • An HR person sells human resource ideas and methodologies to business owners, and other team members, that will help the company be more efficient through better HR practices.
  • Marketers sells campaigns, and creative strategies to clients or internal colleagues.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs sell the value of their businesses to investors, banks, and lenders in order to get working capital in the form of money, with the goal of growing their business.

This is the single best advice we could give you, as you grow your company, is look for team member who aren’t afraid to communicate effectively, thus embracing a sales mindset.

Watch for an attitude that is helpful.

The same is true for every job industry.

You need to hire people that will sell your business and services to your customers. Whether you own a restaurant, a small auto repair shop, or a web design company. Enlisting people who are constantly promoting your company’s culture through their attitudes is the greatest assets any business can have.

Some of the best people who we’ve worked with and had sell products for us are naturally introverted, but their desire to help business owners with their A/R, payment processing, point of sale, and web design has kept our clients happy and satisfied.

When you take this new approach toward sales, you want to assure the staff you hire desire to sincerely help people through services provided by your company. The talent to continually promote what a company represents through helping people is an indispensable skill.

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