Do you run a project based business that requires a down payment and final billing at a later date?

Managing a project based business can be frustrating when it comes to the bill. Traditionally, you receive the down payment at the beginning of the project, and then send out an invoice at the end of the project.

When working on any project that requires you to be on-site, it can be difficult just to leave your client with the bill, and wait for them to pay it.

By and large, this is the status quo for project-based businesses. This practice can damage their growth, disrupt their cash flow and leave unpaid invoices from 30-60 days out.

A solution better than a paper invoice

When you’ve already done the work why should you have to wait for a check? Or why hassle with storing a customer’s credit card on file in an unsecure way?

Ottertail Glass shared a similar struggle. Erik Knutson, one of their owners, hated the slow method of waiting on to receive check payments or sending invoices. They typically had to wait 6-8 weeks to be paid for the second half of their projects.

While waiting to receive a paid invoice, they also hated having to store customers’ credit card data at their multiple locations.

They wanted a smoother process to collect payments and found it in a payment gateway.
Once they expanded into their second store, the team at Ottertail Glass partnered with BNG Payments because of the ability to integrate from different points of collection.

Some of the greatest benefits Ottertail loves with their payment gateway include:

  • Daily batch reports
  • Notice of Unpaid invoices
  • Secured customer data
  • An all-in-one system

After finishing a project, the team at Ottertail Glass simply punches in the credit card number directly into the payment gateway or swipes the credit card with the BNG Mobile Swipe Gateway Solution to charge the transaction.

“For the business plan I was trying to implement, BNG Payments had the exact solution and made it a reality for my business. They go above and beyond to find the best option for my particular business need and even helped my business expand into two locations. I know they’ll have more solutions for us as we grow into three or four locations.” – Erik Knutson – Owner of Ottertail Glass

Solve the 60 day waiting period

With advancements in technology, your business doesn’t have to wait a month or two to be paid. Automating how you take payments with a gateway is the best way to control your incoming cash.

Read more about Erik and how his business transformed once they began using a payment gateway to accept payments.