BNG Payment Gateway

The BNG Payment Gateway is an online processing gateway custom built for BNG Holdings, Inc. It has features and functionality that are years ahead of competing gateways. The BNG Payment Gateway can be used in almost any type of business, by utilizing BNG Swipe Software, with integrations into third party software applications and E-commerce shopping carts.

An online processing gateway is a system that transmits secure credit, debit and ACH information across the Internet from the merchant to their credit card processing company. Online processing gateways can be used in many different ways.


BNG Payment Gateway Advantages

Key advantages with the BNG Payment Gateway is that it allows the merchant to use multiple payment gathering methods at once. For example you could have one gateway account that is integrated into your website shopping cart, running on your retail swipe software via your laptop, integrated with your iPhone payment app and all running transactions at the same time in different locations. All of the transaction information for these different payment methods are all searchable and reportable in one place – in real time which makes reconciling transactions easy and convenient.

BNG Swipe Software

Would you like to swipe credit cards with the use of your laptop or desktop computer and a USB connected card reader? BNG has the perfect solution for you that allows you take payments anywhere you have wireless internet!

Shopping Cart Integration

Do you have an e-commerce website and are tired of the poor support from your current gateway company? BNG has struggled to find a gateway provider with good support and could not find it so we built our own!

Recurring Billing

The BNG Payment Gateway has very robust, easy to use, recurring billing features. It will allow you to bill a customer a specified dollar amount on a specified day for particular period of time or indefinitely.

Mobile Payments

A simple, fast, and free mobile payment application for Apple® IOS and Android devices to process credit cards anywhere in the world over a cellular or Wifi connection. Perfect solution for payments on the go!

QuickBooks Integration

Do you use QuickBooks accounting software for your business and hate double data entry? So do we! So we created two ways to integrate our gateway with QuickBooks.

API Integration

BNG has carefully and methodically drafted Application Programming Interface (API) documentation which reflects our development philosophy – structured, concise and easy to understand.

ACH & E-Check Solutions

With the BNG Payment Gateway it is as easy to accept an electronic check or ACH as it is to accept a credit card sale giving you multiple payment options for those who need them!

Online Bill Pay & Electronic Invoicing

BNG’s Electronic Invoicing enables Merchants to invoice customers via email and allows customers to make payment by following an embedded link to the BNG Payment Gateway.