BNG Swipe Software


BNG Swipe Software

Do you want to run credit card transactions through your computer but don’t need all the features and added cost of POS software?

New from BNG is our very own full feature payment gateway, that comes standard with retail swipe software. Just add an inexpensive USB card reader and you are ready to go. You can print receipts with any home or office printer, USB thermal printer, or simply email the receipt to the customer.

Merchant Defender Point To Point Encryption

The new BNG Swipe Software can utilize next generation signature capture, and USB card readers with the highest security point to point encryption technologies. When using point to point encrypted devices the BNG Swipe Software never allows your computer or network direct access to customer credit card data virtually eliminating you from the PCI scope. With the power and security of point to point encryption technology, BNG defends you when you need it most.

How does it work?

Virtual Terminal Siwpe SoftwareThe retail swipe software is installed on your PC. It runs in the background and communicates with the BNG Payment Gateway. The software is only visible when you swipe a card, so you can run your other computer programs just like you did before and when you swipe a card, it automatically pulls up the swipe software (shown to the right).

It is very simple to use and easy to train staff on how it works.

Step 1. With the computer turned on, swipe a credit/debit card with the USB card reader. (The software will automatically pop up after a card is swiped.)

Step 2. Enter the sale amount, and email address if you intend to email the receipt to the customer.

Step 3. (Optional) Print receipt with any printer and have the customer sign it.

That is it! The gateway will automatically settle the batches for you at the end of the day. By logging in to the gateway you are able to run reports, print reports, save as Excel files, or QuickBooks importable files.