Online Processing Gateways

An online processing gateway is a system that transmits secure credit, debit and ACH information across the Internet from the merchant to their credit card processing company. Online processing gateways can be used in many different ways.

  • Virtual terminal used to key enter mail/phone transactions
  • Integration with E-commerce websites
  • Integration with retail swipe software
  • Integrated into custom software packages
  • Integration with phone apps

Online Gateway Advantages

Key advantages with online processing gateways are that they allow the merchant to use multiple payment gathering methods at once. For example, you could have one gateway that is integrated into your website shopping cart, running on your retail swipe software via your laptop, integrated with your iPhone payment app and all running transactions at the same time in different locations. All of the transaction information for these different payment methods are searchable and reportable in one place – in real time, which makes reconciling transactions easy and convenient.

Recommended Online Processing Gateways