Merchant Defender

Protect your customers’ sensitive payment information with our full Merchant Defender solution. Never hold personal payment information on your internal business network again.


The First Line Of Defense From A Databreach

The new BNG Swipe Software utilizes the next generation signature capture and USB card readers with the highest security point-to-point encryption technologies. This heightened encryption prevents your computer or network from directly accessing credit card data, completely removing you from the scope of PCI Compliance. With the power and security of point-to-point encryption technology, BNG defends you when you need it most.

No matter what type of transaction processing used, clear text credit card data will never be transmitted or stored on your network and devices. By ensuring that every interaction is completely secure, you can rest at ease knowing no intruder will have access to sensitive credit card data.

The Merchant Defender suite includes everything you need to protect cardholder data and virtually eliminates the burden of PCI compliance.

Let BNG Payments transform how your business takes payments

Let us protect your business from security risks when handling customer information. We are here to guide merchants on how to stay PCI Compliant.