Retail Credit Card Processing

Retail Processing

Traditional brick-and-mortar stores aren’t the same anymore, and credit cards are the preferred method of payment when it comes to shopping.

Whether you’re a mom and pop grocery store, or a large hardware store, your customers love paying you with credit cards.

A retail merchant account is an account set up under the assumption that a merchant is going to physically swipe at least 70% of their total credit card transactions through a credit card terminal.

Retail credit card processing can be a blessing to your business, as accepting credit cards can increase the amount customers are willing to spend at your store.

BNG Payments offers a wide variety of services designed to help merchants with retail processing.


Our Services

At BNG Payments, we provide the following processing services for retail:

  • E-Commerce processing and web design
  • Gift and loyalty cards
  • Mobile processing
  • PayAnywhere tablets
  • Payment processing support
  • Revel POS solution
  • Retail credit card processing
  • Retail credit card terminal equipment

No two stores are identical, we work to be the best fit for your business. Let BNG Payments transform how your business takes payments.


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