Point of Sale Solutions

BNG Point of Sale

BNG Payments got started helping businesses with payments processing, but in 2010 we realized one of the best ways to help our customers was through point of sale systems. Our wholly owned subsidiary, BNG Point-Of-Sale, works to help restaurants, bars, and boutique retailers by giving them access to point of sale hardware and software.

With these POS tools, restaurant and bar owners can now leave a positive impact on their guests, while doing more than simply handling their credit card and cash transactions.

Our POS Solutions

It’s our goal to help you make more money, and help get some of your time back by using the right point of sale technology.

Offering and servicing POS solutions has allowed us to do just that.

Our POS solutions include:

  • Restaurant POS hardware and software.
  • Point-of-sale solutions or bars and small retailers.
  • Delivery solutions.
  • Retail point of sale solutions.
  • Salon point of sale solutions.
  • Events POS solutions.

Contact BNG Point-Of-Sale today for all your technical needs, our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the right technology solutions for your business.

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