PayAnywhere Storefront Free Tablet POS

Free Tablet Point of Sale Solution

With the new PayAnywhere Storefront Free Tablet POS Program, you’ll get a free tablet, PayAnywhere POS Software, a sleek tablet stand with built in credit card reader for a seamless payment processing experience with faster transactions and improved reporting. This program is intended for new or existing businesses that anticipate or are currently processing around or over $5k in credit/debit card sales. If you are a new business and are unsure about how much you will process in credit cards that is okay, you can still qualify for the Free Tablet POS Program however there are monthly minimum fees that would be applied for the program on any months you process below $5k. See the MONTHLY MINIMUM PROCESSING on the bottom of the page for the complete details.

For businesses that process less then $5,000 per month, then there is a fee that ranges from $35 – $79 to cover the cost of the equipment.

Not wanting to pay the fees? If you are a small business that will only process a small amount of credit cards you can still use our great Free PayAnywhere app for iPhone/iPad/Android devices by going to our standard PayAnywhere page. Also please read our blog post about why PayAnwhere is better than Square for most businesses.

1.69% Per Swipe

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & Amex

What You Get

  • Free Tablet
  • Free POS Stand with Credit Card Reader Built in
  • Credit Card Flat Rate of 1.69%
  • Next Day Funding

Pay Anywhere Storefront Free POS

What is PayAnywhere Storefront?

What do you get after you sign up?


Free PayAnywhere App + Reader

Start growing your business with a free  tablet, POS software, a sleek POS stand with the credit card reader built right in.


1.69% Flat Rate Pricing

Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and even American Express at the same low 1.69% flat rate per swipe.


Next Day Funding

Forget the waiting game and get your money faster! Get your money within one business day from the time of transaction.


POS Features

Email receipts, create inventories and add discounts, tax and tips. Accept payments on the go.


Tablet POS Cash Drawer & Printer

Add a cash drawer and wireless receipt printer for only $13.95 / month, or just a printer for only $8.95 / month.


POS Business Management

Use robust reporting features to help guide your business decisions. From transaction history to deposited funds, view detailed account activity anywhere, anytime.

Point of sales - Payments - Credit Cards - EMV

Streamline your business with a Free Tablet POS

With BNG Holdings your business will receive free hardware, cutting-edge POS software and live customer support with absolutely no startup costs. With our free tablet POS solution we will help you increase sales, decrease time at the point of sale and help you serve your customers better, Making you more money day after day. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level!

Point of sales - Payments - Credit Cards - EMV


Flat Rate

Free Tablet

Free Tablet POS Program Details

  • American Express flat rate: 1.69%
  • Flat rate: 1.69% for Visa/MasterCard/Discover swiped transactions
  • Mid-qualified rate: 2.69% for Visa/MasterCard/Discover business, commercial and rewards swiped transactions
  • Non-qualified rates: 3.69%+$0.19 for Visa/MC/Discover/Amex keyed transactions
  • Next day funding applies to sales transacted before 5pm EST
  • Monthly basic service fee: $12.95
  • Annual software licensing fee: $79.00
  • Optional printer for $8.95/month or printer and cash drawer combination for $13.95/month
  • A new merchant account is required

If your business is too small to justify any monthly costs don’t despair, check out our other PayAnywhere offer below designed specifically for new or smaller businesses that need no monthly fees.



By signing up for the Free Tablet POS program, you represent and warrant that you process at least $5,000 per month in Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express transactions (the “Monthly Target Amount”). You agree to pay The following fee for each and every complete calendar month that your monthly processing does not meet or exceed the Monthly Target Amount: (i) Processing $5,000 or less in any given month shall incur a $79.00 monthly fee

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.