“Before Tigerpaw Software, we were using 3 or 4 different, disparate systems to track our work, track our time and track our expenses. We didn’t have any linkage between them where we could look at things from a top level to understand profitability and efficiencies.”

- Rick Harber CEO, Decision Digital Inc.

“At Tigerpaw, we engaged BNG Payments, to be the sole payments processor for integration with our 40,000-user software suite. BNG has consistently delivered on every promise they’ve ever made, and they’ve worked to come up with solutions that benefit our company, and our mutual customers. BNG Payments’ passion, as well as the passion of their CEO, are a force to be reckoned with, and they treat our customers with the same integrity and spirit of service as Tigerpaw Software does.”

- James Foxall, CEO Tigerpaw Software

“BNG Payments is the type of business partner that delivers. They understand that relationships begin with trust and are followed by delivering what you promise. What began as a meeting at a conference has turned into a rewarding partnership. Together, each of our firms has enabled the other to grow and take care of our most valuable asset: our customers.”

- Rick Harber, Chief Problem Solver Decision Digital

“Managing 7 weekly and monthly local news publications has become easier at Louisiana Publishing as information flows directly into production once contracts are entered by salespeople. Historical data/ads billing is easier as everybody within the company can see all information for all their respective clients.”

- Bruce Mehrtens - CFO, Louisiana Publishing

“Ease of use, person friendly, if you’re not real computer savvy. I like not having to worry about where to store all the credit cards numbers, now BNG is responsible. But it’s easy to recover a receipt, a couple of clicks and I’ve gotten a receipt to email the customer.”

- John Keller, Owner of Hercules Tow Rope

“You can not beat the Customer Service! I hated paying higher payment processing rates and receiving nothing in return. With BNG Payments, I pay lower processing rates and receive better support for my credit card terminals and point-of-sale system.”

- Ron Gorde, Owner of Sports City

“Speed and service, whenever I have an issue, I can shoot an email, call, and never been down more than an hour. We need our systems working together to run the business, and BNG Payments does that for us.”

- Dan Murdock, Head of Technology at Cooper Technology

“I love that the payments process is simplified and easy to understand. BNG Payments Gateway makes it easy for our clients to pay their bill within the day of receiving the invoice. BNG Payments understands the needs of our business and can give us the support we need to keep our business growing.”

- Azalea Rodriguez, Owner of D & R Flooring

“I chose BNG Payments for my payments processing because they are local to the Fargo area, and they know everyone’s names. I want a business which keeps the personal touch but still can provide the services we need.”

- Dwight Fraedrich, Owner of Enderlin SuperValu and City View Fuel & SuperValu, Enderlin ND

“For the business plan I was trying to implement, BNG Payments had the exact solution and made it a reality for my business. They go above and beyond to find the best option for my particular business need and even helped my business expand into two locations. I know they’ll have more solutions for us as we grow into three or four locations.”

- Erik Knutson, Owner of Ottertail Glass

“BNG Payments has a level of professionalism that we haven’t found in other similar providers. We still receive calls from other credit card processing companies, but I don’t even question changing. They are so dependable and professional that we have no reason to leave.”

- Rodney Knight, Owner of Wheel Fun Rentals

“I love as a small specialty shop I can work with another business in Fargo, that still has integrations of a major company. They understand our needs; they know our concerns and the industry. Just the ease of use, the answering of questions quickly, and getting taken care of everything without really having to worry about, or follow up, it just gets done.”

- Cley Twigg, Owner of Fargo Running Company

“We’ve been utilizing BNG for our credit card processing for about six years, and we’ve been delighted with their performance and their support. It is one area of our business that we never have to worry about.”

- Kent Busek, Owner of Busek Olson & Associates

“BNG is on top of the service industry and all the changes in technology that happen in it. They work to make sure everything is working perfectly, and my business doesn’t have to worry about accepting payments. It’s just like when I buy a car. I don’t care too much what it looks like, but I need to know there is service available, and that’s the most important.”

- Dr. James Johnson, Owner of Saving Smiles

“When I think of companies that excel in customer service, BNG Payments is the company that enters my mind. I have never been happier after switching my credit card processing to BNG. Tyler made the switch seamless and hardly any work for me. BNG right away saved me $360 per year by eliminating my machine rental fee, not to mention that there are no yearly fees. I was used to paying $75 a year and our transaction rates are now considerably lower as well.”

- Janelle Finseth, West 13th Salon

“When I branched off on my own and started leasing my own spot as a hairstylist I knew there were going to be a lot of new changes for me. It's very nerve racking being in a position where you have to make a lot of choices you are not familiar with. I had never needed a credit card machine prior to leasing my own chair, but now it was an essential part of my business. BNG Payments has not only met my expectations but exceeded them.”

- April Brorson, Final Touches

“Switching to BNG Payments was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I now pay less per transaction, gift cards now make me money instead of costing me, and charges on my statements make sense. What impresses me most is that the people within BNG Payments are honest. They understand that a successful business relationship is one that is lasting. They will not be dishonest about their ability to save you money. Tyler has gone the extra mile to keep me happy and I speak to him directly when I have a question or concern.”

- Trung Nguyen, Teaberry, LLC.

“I love BNG because you care. You care that I get paid and you care and understand that I deserve to be paid. Clients often do a great job of wearing us down at times and making us feel terrible for collecting our hard earned money but you care enough to intentionally reinforce the fact that we earned it. You are also committed to excellence. In the two-plus years I've been doing business with you, I've had zero issues with the product and any questions I've had have been answer promptly. You simply care.”

- Angel Rojas, President and CEO of DataCorps

“BNG has been great to us. They make it easy to collect funds from our clients though Tigerpaw and their support is outstanding. I wish all vendors would take a page from the BNG playbook.”

- Edward Mana, President of Technology on Demand

“I have been with BNG since my companies inception, and will be till the end. One could never find a more ethical, responsive and caring team to work with.”

- Trinity Schaff, President of TrinSpin

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